Even tho I don’t have like half of the subscribers compared to her on my channel

I have recently┬ácollaborate with Gdiipa featuring “Gift swap” video. We became friends through Internet. We have genuinely not meet each others in real life but the affection, love, care and honesty is so real.┬á ­čśÇ

I feel ever so grateful even tho I don’t have like half of the subscribers compared to her on my channel. She still believed and care me. It┬áwas so humble enough to pour her kindness toward me. Which I shall never forget.

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Growing up, I was surrounded by loads of friends and I had loads of friends. But the friendship starts to reduce when you get older…. Also when u are a YouTuber then thats it fullstop u loose all ur friends slowly. YouTube is more then a full time job, once you are into YouTubing from ur heart. Not for fame nor money; just because u love expressing and that is the from of let going ur┬ánegatively. Hence, it shall slowly make you a better and happy person. You reflect ur life through them videos. Continue reading

Don’t dress just to fit in for the occasion nor don’t dress to impress others.

The whole idea of this video was me giving advice for my younger ones, to love what you want to wear & be who you are.┬áDon’t dress just to fit in for the occasion┬áor just dress to impress others. Express your love for life and be who you are without any fears.┬á

So I present you all my last min V-Day Look-Book. Which totally features my own original STYLE.

LOOK 1 ||Casual|| Continue reading

Do not try to imitated others, if you do not be you then who shall be YOU!

Style is beyond fashion, beyond quirky clothes, beyond material e.t.c

The word “style” had taught me how to express my struggle days. Where I was trying to fit in the world so called “perfect life/ happy life” Hence, I was never ┬áa perfect girl. Since the time, when our mum left us for her happiness. I was very scared and a very lost child. ­čśŽ

(Most-likely, I had wet the bed and kids/dais┬áat hostel would make fun of me.) I was only a child..┬áI am sort of girl, who doesn’t remember my past┬áhistory. BUT┬áfunny enough,I still recall those days.

By writing this post, I am not trying to proof that he/she was wrong. However I am just sharing my shameless journey with you all. So that you can be inspired to be shameless like me. Hence, appreciate life and share ur journey with this universe.

Through my works and how I present myself. I want each and everyone to understand that you are UNIQUE!!!! I love Michelle Phan but how much I try to make videos like her. I can never be her. Why? Because she is she and she is already taken by Michelle Phan herself. So not even in millions of years, I can be her. She has her own uniquness inside her soul which had indeed inspired us all.

Do not try to imitated others, if you do not be you then who shall be YOU!


Wearing odd clothes always gave me confident. Since I was young, I never copied. Wait!! I am lying..I used to copy my fiends homework and used to copy at exams only that. Ha!Ha!Ha!

Ok! fast forward to now, I  have become a very SHAMELESS lady.Like shamless maya If you do not know her then plz do check her out!! She is amazing & 100% Pure to her heart.

This is a topic about Style Swap Feat Nitika Bura Magar but I not sure what has happened here. Let  me just crack on with the main post.


Nikita is such a ┬ásweet heart, we have shared our YouTube journey together for the past 2 years now. I first discovered her through her cover song by┬áTaeyang – [Eyes, Nose, Lips]┬áand rest is history.

Those who are my hardcore supporters, you all might have already seen this video but if you all have missed it.(By chance) Then please feel free to show us some love & support. Where we swapped our style. Talking about my style it is not normal. Whereas Nikita style is normal.(This is the best way how to explain without scratching my head :P)

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The most realistic morning routine ever.


Ok!! So 2 weeks ago, I got a video requested for “Morning Routine” and to be honest, I had been thinking to do those video since ages….(Before the video request)

But I was always so sacred to film. A. My room is not great┬áB. My life is boring “Typical married girl, Living with in-laws/ basically no life” C. Full STOP!Boring Life.

After contemplating for ages, I thought that I should be PROUD of what I have become..Despite, I do not have beautiful room or my life is boring. I am dam proud of what I have achieved so far. Mostly  for once suffered from minor depression. Where I did try to hurt myself in countless times.

Looking back at it now, I have came along so far..

God!! how much I want to share that(sad soul)┬ájourney with you all. Please stay tuned for that episode. Coming up soon, I do not have any Shame! At least I might be able to change peoples thinking through that video. I want to inspire so many souls out there. It does not matter if my shame is out. I am heartfully working on that project, it shall take a good old time. ­čśÇ Just please trust, love & keep supporting me like always. (I am so grateful & Thank-you, more please)

This video was published on 1 Feb 2017, Within a day it got more then 900 Views 41 likes and 3 dislikes. Ok! thanks to those people who gave me likes. I guess the 3 people who disliked was the people who loves “Sugar quoted life”┬á

So the plan of this video was to inspire you homies to be grateful of what you have and utilize that tools and time. Thus create your future. Reflect upon them and learn from it. However never be a shame of what you have now! Coz tomorrow is a blessing. (Good things shall come along if you are grateful today)


Click this picture to watch my full video

Also thanks for the Real rapper Smo Kiie This video would not have been this dope without his hustler music all the way from Nakhipot Aye!!! homies help homies

Please let me know you all’s thoughts about this post, would be rad to get ur feedback.

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Gurkha Warriors Presents Loot 2 First Premiere In Aldershot on 25/02/17

Recently me myself & my darling soul sister Nitika we did a collaboration video. Where we recorded 4 videos together. What a productive day especially for Nitika hahaha (As you can see her post down below)


Our first video which got live last weekend was on LOOT 2

On my channel we reacted on the trailer and whereas on her channel we reacted on Thamel Bazaar


Shout out to those peoples who lives in Uk, Gurkha Warriors Presents Loot 2 First Premiere In Aldershot on 25/02/17



25 Days To Go: A very well known talented artist/Saxophonist Mr. Ayos Subba shows his support. To those who do not know him then, He plays mesmerising music with his saxophone..(Plz support him and his unique talent)

Looking forward to meet you all on this day and also excited for the movie too. If you guys happen to see me then please don not hesitate to say hi. Coz I might record Ur Outfit of the day like I did on Gurkha Cup 2015 Nepalese Street Style. (But Totally depends upon my MOOD.)



Please stay tuned for more exciting videos like this above video, which shall be live sometimes this week or next week. So please keep in touch HERE if interested.

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